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Showcase Dances

Each year at our recitals we do an opening number and closing number to go along with our theme. This has become very popular so we decided to make it a class!  

Length of Classes:  45 min a week

Class Attire:  Same as regular classes - see class attire page for more info

Shoes Needed:  same as regular classes - ballet shoes for ballet, lyrical sandals for contemporary etc. - see class attire page for more info


How are classes run:  We will create a schedule for the year and you can pick the classes you want to come to.  You only pay for the class you come to.  You will come learn the routine, practice it on your own and then tryout to perform it.  We will be doing large group dances, small groups and solo/duet parts as well.  We will do all style of dance - ballroom, ballet, tap, clogging, jazz, hip hop, contemporary - you can pick and choose what you want to learn and how much you want to be a part of it.


Costume Info: For winter it will be the same winter costume as we normally use for regular classes.  For spring show - there will be a costume fee for these specialty dances.  We will let you know way in advance what you need to purchase and pay for a costume.  We will do our best to keep costume fees down.

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