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Length of Classes:  45 minutes long for beginners, 1 hour for adults and more advanced classes.


Class Attire:  sweat pants, leggings, or shorts and t-shirt (no bare midriffs or tank tops or jeans) 

Shoes Needed: real clogging shoes or white tennis shoes with clogging taps glued on the bottom.

How are classes run: Classes are split into 2 parts:  1- Stretching, Technique  2 – learning of dances


How many performances are there:  In December they perform both dances at a winter recital.  In the spring our big spring recital in May.  

Costume Info: Costume for the winter performances is all black pants and their Becky’s Dance Co. t-shirt (purchased through Becky’s Dance Co.) with hair in a pony tail with hair piece.  The Costume for spring performances will be purchased to go with our spring recital theme and costume fees will pay for it.  We try to do most of our shopping at Old Navy & Target, etc so the costumes are something that they can wear again. 

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