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Length of Classes:  45 minutes long for beginners, 1 hour for adults and more advanced classes.


Class Attire:  sweat pants, leggings, or shorts and t-shirt (no bare midriffs or tank tops or jeans) 

Shoes Needed: real clogging shoes or white tennis shoes with clogging taps glued on the bottom.

How are classes run: Classes are split into 2 parts:  1- Stretching, Technique  2 – learning of dances


How many performances are there:  In December they perform both dances at a winter recital.  In the spring our big spring recital in May.  

Costume Info: 

  • Costume for the winter performances is BDC leggings, Becky’s Dance Co.  performance shirt (purchased through Becky’s Dance Co.) with hair in a pony tail with hair piece. 

  • The Costume for spring performances will be purchased to go with our spring recital theme and costume fees will pay for it.  

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