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Ballet/ Tap

Length of Classes: ages 3 - 7 yrs old - 45 minutes long

Class Attire: 

  • NO tank tops or spaghetti strap leotards - NO bare midriffs - NO crop tops

  • NO jewelry - small studded earrings only - NO watches, necklaces, rings etc


  • All hair pulled up away from face - bun, braid, ponytail, etc

  • Leotard or tighter fitting shirt (that stays tucked in when raising arms)

  • Leotards must be accompanied with shorts, leggings or a skirt 

  • Backs must be covered below the "bra" line

  • All skirts must be finger tip length - not too long - not too short

  • Shorts must be long enough to keep things covered when bending over

Shoes Needed: 

  • Pink ballet shoes ** We do not allow ballet shoes from Walmart or Target - they are a stiff material that does not allow them to point their shoes.  Real ballet shoes are required **

  • Black tap shoes.   

  • Shoes can be purchased through Becky's Dance Co. or on your own

How are classes run: Classes are split into 3 parts:  1- Stretching/Technique 2 – ballet barre/floor work and learning ballet dances 3 – tap technique and learning tap dances.


How many dances will you learn: The dancers will learn 4 dances in all, 2 ballet and 2 tap.  One of each learned in the fall and one of each in the spring.

How many performances are there:  In December they perform both dances at a winter recital.  In the spring our big spring recital in May.  

Costume Info: 

  • Costume for the winter performances is all red, short sleeved leotard, white tights, black skirt, hair all up in bun with hairpiece.  All of which is purchased from Becky’s Dance Co.  

  • The Costume for spring performances will be ordered to go with our spring recital theme and costume fees will pay for it.  You pay the fee - we do the rest.

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