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Length of Classes:  Preschool & Beg 1 classes are 45 – Beg 2, Intermediate/Elite classes are 1 hour


Class Attire:  

  • NO tank tops  - NO spaghetti strap leotards - NO baggy t-shirts - NO shirts that wont stay tucked in - NO crop tops - NO bare midriffs - NO skirts - NO jeans

  • NO jewelry - small studded earrings only - NO watches, necklaces, rings etc

  • GIRLS - All hair pulled up away from face - bun, braid, ponytail

  • GIRLS - Leotards are preferred or tighter fitting shirt that is long enough to stay tucked in - biketard tank leotards are fine

  • GIRLS - Backs must be covered below the "bra" line

  • GIRLS - leggings or tighter fitting shorts

  • ALL leotards must be accompanied by shorts or leggings

  • Shorts must be long enough to keep things covered when bending over

  • BOYS - shorts and tighter fitting shirt that is long enough to stay tucked in

Shoes Needed:  None – gymnastics students go bare footed

How are classes run: 5 min warm up - stretching - tumbling & every other week we work on a bar & beam


Preschool: Begins with warm ups and stretches. Then do seals, and work on bridges.  We will then work on basic tumbling skills and some equipment.  Every other week we will work on a bar and beam and other equipments as well.

Beginning, Interm/Elite Classes are split into 4 parts:  Classes are split into 3 parts: 1-stretching and flexibility work (seals, bridges), 2-  tumbling  3- each week we alternate using the bar or beam. The last 5 minutes we cool down with stretching and strength.


How many routines will you learn: They will learn 4 routines – 2 in the fall/winter & 2 in the spring session for performing classes.


How many performances are there: There will be two performances throughout the year.  In December they perform at our winter recital.  And they perform at our big spring recital in May.  


Costume Info: Winter costume is our red leotard, black shorts, hair in a pony arial with hairpiece.  All to be purchased through Becky’s Dance Co.   


Beginning 1: Working on cartwheels and bridges

Beginning 2: Can do all 3 cartwheels well with straight legs (regular, stacks and 1 handed), working on bridge kick overs - back bends, back walkovers, round offs, hand stands.

Interm/Elite: Can do all 3 cartwheels, round offs, running round off, hold a hand stand and can do a back walk over - working on front and back hand springs, ariels and front tucks.

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