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Length of Classes:  is 1 hour

Class Attire:  Ladies - leggings or yoga pants. Men - sweats or gym pants. Hair must be pulled back from the face in preferably a bun or ponytail. Please no long braids.

Shoes Needed: Everyone must haveLatin ballroom shoes which can be purchased through the studio for best price and proper sizing. No street shoes are allowed on the dance floor.


How are classes run:   We start class off with a 5-10 min stretch then move onto some technique. After that we move on to learning our dances for our winter/spring recital.

How many dances will you learn: Dancers will learn a variety of dances, 4 all together. Styles that may be taught include: cha cha, Waltz, Samba, East coast swing, Tango, West coast swing, Foxtrot, or American Rumba.

How many performances are there: In December they perform both dances at a winter recital.  In the spring our big spring recital in May.

Costume Info: Costume for the winter performances is the red leotard , black skirt, tan tights, required Latin ballroom shoes, hair all pulled up in a bun.  All of which is purchased from Becky’s Dance Co.  The Costume for spring performances will be ordered to go with our spring recital theme and costume fees will pay for it. 

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