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Adult Social Ballroom

non performing

Length of Classes:  is 1 hour - we will do 6 week sessions.

Class Attire:  Clothes you can move easy in.

Shoes Needed:  No street shoes are allowed on the dance floor - clean tennis shoes or dance shoes work great.  Ballroom shoes are not required for the adult social dance class.


How are classes run:   We start class off with a 5-10 min stretch then move onto some technique. After that we move on to learning our steps.

We will focus on dancing socially rather than performance-based. We will learn a different style every session with a focus on finding the count in the music and putting moves together on the dance floor. While signing up with a partner is encouraged, it is not mandatory. 

Sessions for the 2020-2021 Season are:

Session 1 - Sept 14 - Oct 19 - Cha Cha

Session 2 - Oct 26 - Dec 7 - Samba

Session 3 - Jan 4 - Feb 8 - East Coast Swing

Session 4 - Feb 15 - Mar 29 - Lindy Hop

Session 5 - Apr 5 - May 10 - Waltz


6 week sessions are $60 per person - it's due on the 1st class of the session

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