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Adult Clogging

Length of Classes: Classes are 1 hour long


Class Attire: clothes that they can move freely in, sweats, t-shirts, shorts, jeans if you are comfortable in them.


Shoes Needed: All white lace up tennis shoes with small soles on them (can be purchased at Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Fred Meyer), with taps (purchased through us) glued on the bottom with Shoe Goo (you can purchase at Walmart, True Value, D&B).  The real clogging shoes are not required for non-competing classes.  All shoes can be purchased from us at discounted prices. 


How are classes run: We will start with a basic warm up.  Then move to technique and then learning of dances.


How many dances will you learn: The dancers will learn 2-4 dances per year.  2 dances will be learned in the fall and 2 in the spring. 


How many performances are there: NONE, unless the class decides to perform.  This will be a fun class, to do something for yourself, learn the fun, high energy routines and a fun way to get some great exercise, without even realizing you are exercising! 


Costume Info: There will not be a costume or costume fee unless the class decides to perform.  

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