Competition Clog

Length of Classes: Classes are 1 hour long Novice, Beginning, Intermediate.  Advanced/Champ teams are 1 hour 15 min.


Class Attire:  The dancers are required to wear: clothes that they can move freely in, sweats (as long as they don’t drag on the ground, short sleeved t-shirts, shorts (finger tip length), or leotards.  Please NO jeans or tight skirts or no bare midriffs.  Please no tank tops as we do a lot of bending over.  Hair must be pulled back away from your face, with bangs pulled back if they hang in their eyes. Black converse type shoes - Walmart or Target or Payless brand are great! (hip hop), clogging shoes.


Shoes Needed: 1 – Black jazz shoes.  Also, real clogging shoes in white. All shoes can be purchased from us at discounted prices. 


How are classes run: Classes are split into 3 parts:  1- technique, stretches and warm up  2 – clogging 3 – jazz/hip hop.  


How many dances will you learn: The dancers will learn 4-6 dances in all, 3 clogging and 2 jazz/hip hop.  2-3 dances learned in the fall and 2-3 in the spring.  The Advanced/Champ All Star class also learns an acapella routine. 


How many performances are there: There will be three to four performances throughout the year.  In December or January they perform their jazz/hip hop dance at half time of a high school basketball game or something similar, and perform both dances at a winter recital.  In the spring we usually have a community or elderly home performance and our big spring recital in May.  Competition teams may be asked to perform more often for different events throughout the year.


Costume Info: Costume for the winter performances is all black pants and their Becky’s Dance Co. t-shirt with hair in a pony tail with hair piece.  The Costume for spring performances as well as competitions will be purchased to go with our spring recital theme and costume fees will pay for it.  We try to do most of our shopping at Old Navy & Target so the costumes are something that they can wear again. 


When and Where Do You Compete: We compete at 3 different competitions throughout the year.  In February we compete at NNU in Nampa, in March we travel to Pocatello to Idaho State University and if we qualify we attend Nationals at Lagoon in May.  Competition fees are $14. – $16. per event per competition.  We do fundraisers to help cover the cost of competition fees, hotel, food, gas, etc.